While feverishly typing away at my computer one day, I stared up at a wall that I was planning to fill and the need to fill it became a whole lot more intense, making me rush out to go and find “something” to fill the spot I had been blankly staring at for months. 

While I perused through the beautiful art galleries I stopped by, I hoped to be able to find something that allowed me to not only support an artist during such a crazy time, but that also fit within my very small budget. I unfortunately wasn’t able to find anything suitable and so, I dragged my very disappointed self back home. 

Life has changed quite drastically over the last (almost) 2 years and with that, we have found ourselves living at home, working from home, exercising at home, eating at home, drinking at home, laughing at home, crying at home. As you can tell, it’s a whole lot of home.

The need to inspire and be inspired has surged, finding us the opportunity to fill our spaces with “moments” that would encourage this. We have become less reliant on people and more reliant on things that we can pour our energy into, such as plants, and pets, and decor. 

I had already filled the space with plants and pets and now it was time for the cherry on the top. On my quest for that special “gap-fill”, I came across the wonders of art prints. These have quite simply changed the feeling in my home and I want for you to have that too.



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